She designed a life she loved

Hi, I’m Meera, welcome to my world! I share my love for fashion, fitness, health & beauty here. I’m a lifestyle blogger and video content creator on YouTube and Instagram. I have a background in Sport Science – Kinesiology. I’ve always loved learning about our body, how it functions, and how we can create the best environment for it to thrive in.

I was born and raised in Zambia, Africa. I grew up in its capital city; Lusaka. Zambia is home to one of the seven wonders of the world: the Victoria Falls. I experienced a lovely childhood there before moving across the globe to Canada when I was thirteen years old. 

Moving to Canada was another exciting adventure. I experienced extremely cold temperatures, saw snow for the first time, ate mcdonalds for the first time. Young and full of dreams, I was a young bird ready to spread my wings on a new continent.

To my surprise, the Zambian education system was ahead of Canada’s, so I got to skip a grade going into high school. I skipped grade eight and went straight into grade nine. I remember school, people, fashion, accents, culture, everything was so different and I loved it! I remember classmates telling me they loved my accent and my voice. All this was very new to me.

I still remember waking up early in the morning, looking out the window to see miles of fresh, untouched, white, fluffy snow. It was like something out of a fairytale. More magical than I ever imagined. 

I am so grateful to have grown up in Zambia, then moved to Canada. Experiencing different worlds, people, cultures really taught me how to love and appreciate everything that’s different. Most of all, it made me love how unique and different I am. I learnt to be so comfortable with embracing change and applauding differences. 

I remember loving the fact that I was different, spoke differently, dressed differently, grew up differently. I never wanted to fit in. I LOVED BEING DIFFERENT. It’s so exciting and special!

Who I am today, the way I think, dress, speak, carry myself, is all about embracing and showing my true self. I hope to inspire you to embrace every different and unique part of yourself! I hope you stay true to exactly who you are because you are so special! There is truly nobody like you, nor will there ever be! So love yourself, and care for yourself and you will spread love and happiness to those around you and far beyond this world!

I value strength, kindness, confidence, freedom and authenticity. Here I will share everything from fashion, health, fitness, positivity, lifestyle, and exciting new adventures. I hope you enjoy and love yourself exactly the way you are! You are your biggest power! Be playful, don’t take life too seriously, and have fun! Keep thriving to be better everyday!


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